Who is Jordan Hastie?

Global Business Investor, Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist, Entrepreneur.

Jordan is a global business investor and consultant in the world of mergers and acquisitions. Experience in being an advisor, acquirer, seller and consultant to many companies, he continuosly makes forward progression in the investment space globally, whilst based out of the UK.

A Scottish born entrepreneur who built an international consultancy outfit selling out several years back, before becoming an SME business investor. It involved advising companies from the automotive and manufacturing space to health and pharmacy sectors and pursuing relentless commitments to becoming a better version of himself. Current owner of eight figures in holdings. 

Jordan is Co-owner and CEO of Saalbach Equities Corporation, a Seychelles based private equity firm, acquiring SME's mostly out of the UK but globally too. He is also sole owner of Clayden Oakes LLC, a US based mergers and acquisitions firm to support consistent dealflow within the continent. Further to this he co-owns Saalbach Ventures Corporation, an arm of Saalbach Equity Group that focuses on mergers and Initial Public Offerings (IPO), as well as working with businesses to ultimately 10 fold growth and then sell out, taking a stake in the overall sale as a reward.

Jordan attended high school in Devon, United Kingdom before swiftly departing early to pursue one of his first business ventures in Media.

As of current Jordan finds himself travelling globally to pursue investments in sectors such as Leisure, Recruitment, Haulage, Manufacturing, Engineering and Marketing. He says "If you don't keep the dealflow and opportunity engine oiled, eventually it loses its longevity."

Constantly staying involved at the front of the SME pack, he stays knowledgable around what is best to acquire next, what new acquisition avenues to take and when the time is right to sell and/or hit the capital markets in these sectors.

If you happen to be interested in an exit, needing assistance to acquire, or wanting to go public, contact -